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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on furnitureHi!  Yes, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this blog!    So I have a lot of news to tell you as it’s been quite busy round here!    Busy in a really good way – lots of customers, great editorial in newspapers and a little expansion!!!!  For any newcomers to the blog I opened an interiors retail store in July 2012 called La Vie en Rose.  (I love France, Roses and Edith Piaf’s now famous song!).  Well I am very happy to report that the shop is doing really well!   As any of you have your own business will know sometimes it can get a little overwhelming when things are busy.  When you are an owner-manager you have to wear many hats!!  You are the sales assistant, buyer, marketer, financial controller, merchandiser, shelf stacker and chief floor sweeper!   There just wasn’t enough hours in the day to do everything so something had to give – so I stopped blogging for a while.  My eldest son Aran is a fantastic help at the weekends but the time has come to get some extra help so La Vie en Rose will soon have it’s first member of staff!!  So hopefully I will be able to keep the blog going because I really missed it and all my blog friends!

Things also got a bit frantic in the run up to Christmas as I expanded the shop by opening another room which is adjacent to the main shop!  I know I’m a glutton for it!  But I loved making my Annie Sloan Living Room a reality- it was so much fun!   So as I like to say it’s upwards and onwards for La Vie en Rose for 2013!

I wanted to create a retail space that looked like a real living room.  So we turned a 40 year old kitchen in to a ‘living room’ . . .

This room was a real mess when we started.  A very old dated kitchen was gutted which left very messy uneven brick and mortar walls.  Once again I decided to use the old reliable pine panelling which not only covered the uneven finish of the walls but introduced some character as well – and it’s relatively inexpensive!

I stock Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan and I really wanted to show some of the colours on a large scale to make it easier for customers to select colours.  A lot of customers like to see the whites in particular side by side to help them pick the right shade for their needs.   So I painted each wall in a different Chalk Paint™ colour.  The chimney breast in the above photo is Primer Red.  As this was going to be a Winter Living Room I wanted to make it cosy and Christmassy!   The temporary ‘mantlepiece’ ie. wooden shelf is painted in Graphite.  The coffee table is a vintage upcycled piece that we painted in Country Grey.

My idea is to paint the chimney breast wall every season to keep this retail space fresh and highlight seasonal stock.   I love the Primer Red for Winter as it works really well with the brown leather wingback Armchair and the grey-green of the bookcase.

We also framed in the windows with some more panelling and trim and it made such a difference to the room.  The wall with the two windows is painted in Cream and the wooden trim and window frames are painted in Versailles which is a beautiful pale sagey green.   I really love the colour Versailles.  It’s a gorgeous subtle colour that seems to go with everything and is so easy on the eye.  The half moon white marble console is a lovely piece and fit perfectly here the wooden base is painted in French Linen.

The back wall in the photo above is painted in Original a lovely warm white.   The dining table on the left is another vintage piece re-loved by us.  We painted the top in Graphite an the base in French Linen a brilliant combination – really gives you that French look.

Next to the iron console I have one of the French Carvers upholstered in a Kate Forman fabric.

The last wall I painted in Old Ochre a beautiful warm colour not too white, too beige or too cream it’s just somewhere in the middle – a gorgeous colour.  I found this adorable hall sideboard/dresser in a very sorry state but after a few repairs and a little Annie Sloan magic it looks FAB!   The colour is a mix of 1 litre of Paris Grey and 100ml of Old White.  The detail is highlighted in Old White.

Some of the furniture is vintage  and some is new which gives the room a lovely feel.  When I first stared work on this room I really wanted it to look like a living room not an austere showroom.  It must have worked as some customers apologise for walking in there and tell me that I have a lovely ‘home’ :)   They’re always amazed when I tell them it’s part of the shop!   The chalky finish of the paint in this space just makes this room so beautiful.  It has a charm and a warmth that makes you feel at home.   I love that it’s so easy now to show my customers the different colours on a large scale.  I also now have a canvas for my seasonal displays.  Already I’m planning my Spring ‘Living Room’ and I’m thinking of Henrietta (a gorgeous Spring pink) for the chimney breast!!!  Hope you enjoyed the little tour!




18 thoughts on “Chalk Paint™ Living Room

  1. Yay Sharon, you’re back!!!
    I am thrilled to bits that your shop is going from strength to strength. And being that there are only 24 hours in a day, I can totally understand that you were too busy to blog.
    What a clever idea to make a living room displaying changing Annie Sloan paint colours. This must be so helpful for your customers.
    I’ll definitely be referring back when I get round to painting my bits of old furniture.
    Lovely to talk to again Sharon.
    Have a great day,
    Liz x

  2. I so enjoyed looking through your shop. My home is built from reclaimed wood from an old church and has log siding, making it look like an old two-story cabin. I so want to try the Annie Sloan Chalks on some of my “finds” and possibly some of the walls–just don’t know if I can tackle an endeavor of that size. Did you have a lot of experience with the paint before you did this job?

    I look forward to following your progressive ideas. Linda

    • Hi Linda,
      Welcome to the blog! Your home sounds gorgeous and must be so warm with all that reclaimed timber! I had NO experience of Annie Sloan Chalk paint when I opened my shop and applied to be a stockist. I had read about it on blogs though and knew that the majority of people who were using it weren’t professionals but just people like me. The paint goes on a like a dream better than most emulsions I’ve used over the years. The only bit that can be tricky is applying the wax over the paint. Most people put on too much or too little. But even this just takes a little practice until you get a ‘feel’ for it! My advice is to start on a small project to gain confidence but you’ll have no problem! The painting is easy!

  3. I want to paint my bedroom with ASCP but my gosh wouldn’t it take so much and soooo much $$$. How do you paint it without having to mortgage the home you want to paint? Should I just do accent wall or go for the whole thing? Thank you for any help you can give a new follower!!! Beautiful and keep it up!!

    • Hi Lisa,
      Welcome to the Blog! I’m not sure how much Annie Sloan Chalk Paint costs in the North America! But the coverage of 1 litre tin of paint 13msq, so if you can work out how many metres square your walls are (roughly) you can work out how much paint you need and the cost involved. The paint gives excellent coverage, customers are always telling me they can’t believe how much they have left over after doing their various projects, so it does go along way. When you open a tin you can always top it up with a LITTLE water and give it a good stir and this will stretch the paint a bit further (it’s also easier to apply this way!). Or you could do as you suggest and do a feature wall in an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Let me know how you get on!

  4. I love that you are rotating colors per season. I would love to know how you sealed the wall. Perhaps you are leaving it without? I have a teen boy bedroom and would love to do this if it is sturdy enough. Thank you ever so much.

    • Hi Wendy,
      Like the idea of changing the colour with the season (and it’s just the feature wall!). I didn’t seal the wall with wax as I love the chalky finish of the paint and I don’t mind touching it up with paint if it does get scuffed. So far it’s perfect! but this is a showroom not a real home so a teenage boy’s room might need extra re painting or a light top coat. If it was me I would experiment on one wall and see if you’re happy with it. Good luck, let me know how you get on!!

  5. Welcome Back!!
    I have missed your posts and am so happy for your continued success in your shop! I feel like I have followed you from the beginning and share in your joy!
    Love the new addition to the shop and what a wonderful way to showcase ASCP! I have to travel 200 miles to the only stockist in Montana, but worth it! Especially since it is where my son lives too :)
    Blessings to you my friend,
    Cindy xo

    • Hey Cindy,
      Thank you! Yes, you have been there from the beginning my friend! Hope you are well! Pity you’re so far away although it’s a bonus to the trips to see your son :) Would you not consider stocking it yourself????


  6. Hi Sharon, Have just come across your website via an ad on, and I just love it! Your shop looks amazing and your stock is to die for. My only complaint is you are in Cork and I live in Dublin! Love love love it, well done and best of luck with the business.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Maybe I should open a shop in Dublin, getting a lot of messages lately from the Big Smoke!! Delighted you like all the shop photos! Maybe you’ll make your way to Kinsale over the Summer and come out for a visit!!

  7. Hi Sharon, glad you are back and that your shop is doing so well. Love the idea of creating a real home within a store and changing it seasonally…Sharon x

    • Hey Sharon,

      Good to be back! Now just have to find time to visit all my favourite blogs! Could be a while!! Hope you are well!


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