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James Bond new Film

‘Skyfall’ the new James Bond movie featuring the very handsome Daniel Craig is out this weekend.  I can’t wait to see it – I love Bond films.    This one is supposed to be very good.  It also stars one of my favourite actors of all times, Judi Dench.   Apparently, her role is much greater in this Bond outing so it should be a good show.  Daniel Craig is a cracking Bond and has brought some much need gravitas to the role but for me there is only one Bond . . .

007 James BondSean Connery for me is Bond!  The classic tall, dark and handsome hero – swoon!   The man of mystery.  His car wasn’t bad either . . .

James Bond 007I have always loved this car.  The classic Aston Martin – what a car!   The car, the suit, the vintage vibe, I love it all.  Look at the suit Connery is wearing in the above shot – so suave.

So I am very excited to tell you my news.  La Vie en Rose is now stocking what is known as the ‘James Bond aftershave’!

Floris No. 89 . . .

Floris No. 89 Aftershave James Bond

Apparently, Ian Fleming based the character of 007, the beloved secret agent, largely on himself.  Fleming was born a few streets away from the Floris perfumery at No. 89 Jermyn Street, London. He was a regular visitor to the shop where he purchased No. 89, his fragrance of choice. The ever discerning Fleming also makes numerous references to Floris in the James Bond novels.  No. 89 became known as the ‘James Bond Aftershave’ and is described by Floris as -

The traditional English Gentleman’s fragrance, a classical, citrus, woody cologne – Floris No. 89 comes in a full range of fragrance and grooming products for gentlemen“.

I called Floris in London and now I am very proud to say that No. 89 and the full range of Floris luxury fragrances, grooming products and candles are now available EXCLUSIVELY at La Vie en Rose.  Yes, I am Ireland’s only stockist of these exquisite fragrances.   I just received my delivery so will be displaying my beautiful glass Floris scent bottles on the shelves in the shop tomorrow.   So now La Vie en Rose is fully loaded and Licenced to Thrill!




14 thoughts on “La Vie en Rose – Licenced to Thrill . . .

  1. Sharon!

    The website is wonderful and I love all the things you are carrying in your shop! The James Bond theme in today’s post is perfect and what a brilliant idea to carry this handsome fragrance.

    Good luck with all of this :) I know you’ll be successful because this is all so well thought out and I feel your passion for what you do!


  2. That’s pretty cool, Sharon! Something for us guys, too……loving you more and more :) Congrats on adding another huge line to your shop. Great honor!
    PS – I’m going to delete your old blog link and add the new one. Will let you know if I run into any problems. Fingers crossed.

    • Oh yes Loi – gotta look after the men in my life : ) Niall and Aran both wanted cool ‘Man Stuff” in the shop!!! Thrilled to have Floris in the shop – the glass bottles and packaging are divine displayed on the shevles!
      Thanks for following me over here and I would be grateful if you would delete the old blog link and put new one in – hopefully there won’t be any problems!!!


  3. We saw Skyfall yesterday I really enoyed it although it was a gritty storyline more fighting less bikinis. I really love Floris products and regularily buy their wondeful scented soap as a treat, it lasts for ages. I thinkI might buy my husband some No 89 at Christmas, at least he will smell like Sean Connery, yes still the one and only Mr Bond.

    • Hi Susan, thank you SO much for following me over here!!! So good to have all my old friends visit me here! So busy in the shop, haven’t managed to see Skyfall yet but will! Sounds great – like the more gritty Bond films. Great to know you’re a Floris lover!! I’m sure you’re husband will love No. 89. My husband loves it, so he’ll be getting one too!!


  4. Hi Sharon, I seem to have missed your blog posts in recent weeks! Lovely to see your new blog and will definitely add your new blog to my list! Hmmmm seems I might have to get my very on BOND MAN some Floris! Love the Bond films too and can’t wait to see this one! Lovely to hear the shop is doing so well! Sharon xx

  5. Dear Sharon, wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas and a splendid new year with your new venture!
    We haven’t seen you for a while now, hoping you well and will be blogging soon! (formerly Sharon from Bluebells and Lavender blog!)

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