We all know at least one person who’s got their gifts all smugly wrapped and sitting under the Christmas tree (which incidentally went up on December 1st!), their cards all safely posted in the first week of December and all their veg, meat and trimmings already prepared and in the deep freeze. Just because you’re not as organised though, doesn’t mean you can’t still find plenty of time to relax over this festive season!

And even if you’ve left your Christmas organisation until the very last minute, don’t worry – you can still have a fantastic Christmas without having to stress too much. A lot of people can let this time of the year overwhelm them a little, but all you really have to do is prioritise.

Christmas gifts

Delivery dates are sliding by, and you’re panicking that you won’t find people anything that they want. Don’t panic though, there is still time. A lot of major retailers offer click and collect next day delivery services for example so you can still easily shop online even up to the 23rd.

If you’d rather not wait or pay extra for express postage, then our top recommendation would be to hit a big department store or supermarket. You’ll be able to get a huge range of products, including gift cards all in one place and since there’s so much choice, you should be able to find something for everybody.

And to make the wrapping easy and quick, go down the gift bag and tissue paper route – they’ll look great under the tree and it’ll save you endless hours of wrapping on Christmas Eve!

The food

If you do decide to do all of your Christmas gift shopping at a big supermarket, then kill 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak and get your food shop done at the same time. In a way, it is easier to avoid going too overboard when it’s last minute – just remember to make a list and to try to stick to it! Supermarkets are open usually until late afternoon on Christmas Eve, so even last minute you should be able to get everything done.

One thing you may come across is the fact that the store may have run out of certain things. If they have, just improvise –nobody will mind if they get chicken rather than turkey and you can always create some new family traditions this way! And if you’re worried about preparation time – go for those handy pre-made packets of veg, stuffing and more.


Putting up decorations can be time consuming and if you’re really pushed for time, just focus on the tree. Throw on the lights, some tinsel, a star and some baubles and you’ll be done – it doesn’t have to be perfect, just festive! Pop up your Christmas cards along window ledges and mantelpieces for that festive feeling that has only taken a couple of hours. It’s a Scandinavian tradition to put the Christmas tree up on Christmas Eve anyway – just claim you’re channelling some Nordic chic!

Christmas cards

Although it is lovely to receive Christmas cards, we all know that it can be tedious and time consuming writing them. And if you’ve already missed the last posting dates then it could be time to let it go. Instead, use the money you would usually spend on buying and posting your cards and donate it your favourite charity. Post a social media status saying so and people will know not to be waiting your card this year.

Last minute Christmas organisation can be a bit of mad scramble but you’ll find you can still get everything done with time to spare!

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