It’s the time of year when we seem to be out constantly at parties, celebrations and various dos, and it’s just one of the reasons why we love the festive season so much. These gatherings definitely help to make the season merry and bright, so give yourself a great reputation as the perfect party guest for future prosperity.

Nobody wants to become that person that hosts dread inviting, so to make sure that you’re always at the top of every invite list, here are just a few of our easy to follow tips to ensure you’re a dream guest.

Be punctual, but not too punctual

There’s nothing worse than having everything prepped and ready to go as a host and you’re still to hear that first doorbell ring! At the same time, often you can still be running round perfecting everything before everyone arrives. To be a good guest, aim to arrive around 15 minutes after the invite states; not only will it mean you’ll be one of the earlier arrivals and will have time to relax and chat with your host(s) before the main bulk of guests arrive, but you can also offer to help with any last minute preparations. And that’s your gold star as a guest earned!

If you stay late, offer to help clear up

Unless you are very close with your hosts, don’t linger until the dying ebbs of the party when nearly everybody has left. And if you do, always offer to help clear up before you go. Even if they decline, they’re going to really appreciate the fact that you thought to offer before you head off home.

Come bearing gifts

When it comes to a house party, always come bearing gifts, no matter what the time of year! A prettily wrapped food gift or a bottle of their favourite something is always a good idea – it means they can either enjoy sharing it at the party or save it for another time. They’ll love the fact that you’ve thought about them and they’re going to remember this thoughtfulness for sure!

Know your limits

To avoid being that person that wakes up the next morning filled with regrets about what they said and did the night before, know your limits. It can be very easy when at parties to let your glass be continuously topped up meaning it can be tricky to know how much you’ve had to drink. To help combat this and to make sure you keep a clear head, make every other drink a soft one. You’ll still be able to enjoy drinking without going too far.

Dress appropriately

Unless you plan on heading out to the clubs afterwards, do remember to dress appropriately for a house party. For instance, do make an effort with a little bit of makeup and some heels – your host has after all put effort into holding the bash! On the other hand, don’t go over the top; remember it’ll be normal household lighting so you don’t want your makeup to look too brash or your clothes too revealing.

Don’t plus one without asking

And finally, never ever ever bring a plus one without asking first, and don’t put your host in the position where they feel obliged to say yes. Ask well ahead of time and make sure you’re not messing up their plans – it is their party after all!

So follow these simple rules and you’ll have your angel wings as a party guest in no time at all!

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