Welcome to La Vie en Rose!   So excited to be writing my first post for this new blog and starting this new business. Feels fresh, new and exciting.  Love new adventures and this is definitely an adventure.  A few weeks ago, I came across a picture of a gorgeous wreath on the front door of The Foxed Home on instagram.  I had a few faux wreaths but nothing Autumnal and not for the first time, I thought I’d love to learn how to make one.  Usually those kind of thoughts are fleeting, but not this time.  Off I went searching for an online course and found Kay’s Online Flower School in Dublin who were running an online Christmas Floristry Course.  Before I knew it, I’d signed up, was ordering supplies and launching an online shop!

I’m also a certified Life & Business Coach and help people find their passion and start a business.  I’m always saying to people follow your passion, live your dream, so here I am practicing what I preach and living my passions.  As much as I love coaching, I missed my home and garden stuff and my flowers.  I missed creating the displays.  So hoping to organise myself (not my strong point!) so that I can do both.  We’ll see.  I think sometimes you’ve just got to follow your heart and your gut instinct and see where it takes you.

So I’m starting the shop with wreaths, wreath kits and hoping to do an online workshop before Christmas.  Would love to do this in person, I used to love doing the Christmas nights in my old shop.  I have a gorgeous recipe for mulled white wine which I used to serve with mince pies and would love to have nights like that again.  But with Covid restrictions it’s safer to do it online.

I’m making the wreaths from my kitchen table so my kitchen is overflowing with moss, pine cones and fresh greenery.  A little chaotic but it smells divine!  It feels so good to be creative again and play with the soft moss and greenery for the designs.  Love making them, it’s therapeutic, you kind of get lost in the flow of doing them.  Very calming.

So that’s all my news for the moment.  If you’d like to see daily updates you can see what I’m up to on instagram, the link is up at the top of the page. Will let you know when the online shop and website is live!  Working on it at the moment so should be good to go soon enough.  Talk soon!

Lots of love,